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The Annoying Orange (or simply known as Annoying Orange) is a YouTube series, created by Dane Boedigheimer. It stars an annoying orange named Orange, who's hated by Liam the Leprechaun (and mostly others as well).

Liam the Leprechaun's involvement

Liam first made an appearance in The Annoying Orange in "Annoying Orange: Luck o' the Irish." He's since come out in "Annoying Orange vs. FRED!!!," "Annoying Orange meets Charlie the Unicorn," "Annoying Orange: Wishful Thinking," "Annoying Orange: Food Court," "Annoying Orange: Previously On," "Annoying Orange: Epic Peel Time," "Annoying Orange: Ask Orange 3: A-TOYING ORANGE!," "Annoying Orange: 1 BILLION KILLS!," "Annoying Orange: Comedy Roast!," "Annoying Orange: The Leprechaun Trap," "Annoying Orange: U Can't Squash This," "Annoying Orange: Ask Orange 6: Fart Ship!," and "Annoying Orange: Harlem Shake v9000 (Kitchen Edition)." And he's gotten his revenge on Orange many times.

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