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Pot o' Gold
Pot o' Gold 2




A bottomless pot containing a near limitless amount of gold

The Pot o' Gold is Liam's most prized possession. He usually has a hard time keeping track of it. It first appeared in Annoying Orange: Luck o' the Irish.


What keeps the series going is the fact that Liam always loses it for various reasons. It's suggested in "Leprechaun Vs. Grapefruit!" that this is because he accidentally teleports it away with misfiring magic. Usually, someone finds it before Liam does, and he has to trade it for three wishes (that he usually screws up), and then immediately after it gets stolen again by what was produced by the third wish or by external forces. So far, from what we know, it has been found by four people other than Liam, and stolen by three. For some reason, when the third wish comes what the people say have problems so he changes the wish into something similar.

Holders of the Pot o' GoldEdit