Gypsy: Oh, mysterious, and powered crystal ball, show me side theres good fortune in my future!

(A pot of gold appears)

Gypsy: Wait a second, what is that? Gold?

(Liam appears)

Liam: Back off, gypsy women! That there's my pot o' gold!

Gypsy: This is your pot of gold?

Liam: As a matter of fact, it is! Now, give it back!

Gypsy: Fine. There's not much here, anyways.

Liam: What do you mean there's not much, there? That's the bottom list pot o' gold. I probably should have said that!

Gypsy: A bottom list?! Well then, finders-keepers, losers-weepers, you little dork!

Liam: I'm a dork? I'm not too wearing a scarf on me head.

Gypsy: Hey, my mom gave me this! Do you wanna know your future?

Liam: That change the subject, crazy lady!!

Gypsy: If you let me tell your future, I promise we'll talk about your pot of gold.

Liam: Okay, then! Go ahead!

Gypsy: I can see that your name is Lllllllllllllllittle Green Nerdy Guy!

Liam: HEY, that's noy my name!!

Gypsy: I know, your name is Liam. I just like messing with you.

Liam: Heh! Lucky guess.

Gypsy: I can see that you lose your gold, quite often.

Liam: Of--not--not that often.

Gypsy: Okay. Your future is coming into focus. It's about your....About your pot of gold! I can see, I can see your future!

Liam: What is it?

Gypsy: Your future is........I'M NEVER GIVING YOU BACK YOUR POT OF GOLD!! (laughing) Got ya!

Liam: Well, you know, good witch!!

Gypsy: I'm not a witch. I'm a gypsy.

Liam: Well, unlike you, I actually am magicial! So, I'll make you a deal. You give me back pot o' gold, and I'll give you three wishes.

Gypsy: Okay, I wish for more--

Liam: And, before you wish for another gold, or a billion wishes, just go to Annoying Orange fellow are retarded, and guess what? It's against the rules.

Gypsy: Fine, for my first wish, I want the most magicial crystal ball in the whole world!

Liam: You want it? YOUU GOT IT!!

(Liam turns the crystal ball into a basketball)

Gypsy: What the heck? A basketball?

Liam: Uh, yeah. It's so magicial that it even bounces. Ha-ha!

Gypsy: Let me guess. You're about as good as granting wishes as you are as keepin' an eye on your pot of gold?!

Liam: Quit whappin'. More wishes!

Gypsy: Okay, for my second wish, I might as well wish for hoops, so I can shoot around with my new fancy crystal ball.



Gypsy: What is that?

Liam: (playing with his hula hoop) Well, this is your new hoop.

Gypsy: Not a hula hoop, a basketball hoop! I can't even use that!

Liam: (stops playing with his hula hoop) Why not?

Gypsy: Well, maybe, I can use it as a crappy bracelet.

Liam: (holding the hula hoop) All right! Besides, I can dig her out. I know, you can use your third wish to make it better!

Gypsy: It'll probably end up around my neck choking you to death.

Liam: Fiber, who is so lucky. (put the hula hoop away)

Gypsy: What was that?

Liam: I said, uh, you're lookin' fantasticly precky! You must be really excited about the third wish, huh?

(Sad song plays)

Gypsy: You know what I really want, Liam? I want to able to really tell someone's fortune, not trick them into believing I know!

Liam: Yeah, that's kind of a crappy thing to do.

Gypsy: What I really want, is the power to see it to the future.

Liam: I warn you, with great power come great responsibility.

Gypsy: I've heard that, before.

Liam: Yeah, I stole it from Spider-Man.

Gypsy: That was a good movie.

Liam: It sure, it was. Tobey Maguire was sublime. (laugh) Now, if you really want to see the future, you GOT IT!!!

(Liam poofs the basketball for her future)

Gypsy: I feel--I feel different! I can see it to the future.

Liam: That's great!! And they don't care!! Now, hand over me gold!

Gypsy: No, wait! If, you try grabbing it, an evil unicorn will come steel it!

Liam: OH NO!! I don't want that happen, again!

Gypsy: Well, you better do somethin' fast.

Liam: Why, what happens, if I don't?!

(Clover appear with the pot o' gold)

Clover: Because, if you don't stand there, I'm gonna take your gold, you moron! (laughs)

(Clover dissapears with his pot o' gold)

Gypsy: What did he said?

Liam: (growls) AAAWW, CRAAAP!!!! (dissapears)

(End rolls)