• In this episode, Liam mentions a few references to The Annoying Orange, such as his last limerick about Orange stealing his pot o' gold, which is also a reference to "Luck O' The Irish." Also, when Clover says, "I heard you also stole his whistlin' pinwheel." and Liam says, "That wasn't me. That was Pear!", that means that Pear is mentioned.
  • Some scenes in this episode have references to previous episodes: When Grapefruit tells his limerick about "the guy on a stage who stunk really bad", he's seen with the weights that he wished for in "Liam Vs. Grapefruit! (Characters From The Annoying Orange!)." Also, when Leprechaun Boss transforms Liam into a black unicorn with his face on the bottom, Liam (as the back end of the unicorn) says, "This isn't a horse! This is an evil unicorn! I think he stole me gold once!" This is obviously a reference to "Passionfruit's World Peace (Starring iJustine & Daneboe!)" because of the fact that the same unicorn from that same episode makes a brief cameo in this episode.
  • This is the first time Clover's shown in a flower pot.