Leprechaun Boss
Leprechaun Boss
Portrayer: Kevin Brueck
Other Names: Sir
Profession: Boss
Personality: Strict, mean, sarcastic
Age: Older than 300 (possibly)
Friends: Clover
Enemies: Liam the Leprechaun
First Appearance: "Liam Vs. Grapefruit! (Characters From The Annoying Orange!)"
Quote: "Let me guess. You lost another pot o' gold?"

The Leprechaun Boss is a character in The Adventures of Liam the Leprechaun. He is Liam and the other leprechauns' boss in the Leprechaun World.


In "Liam Vs. Grapefruit! (Characters From The Annoying Orange!)," the Leprechaun Boss told Liam (who was called to his office, and he responded with, "Aw, crap!") off for losing another pot o' gold, but he decided to give him a new one after Liam tried to tell the Leprechaun Boss the story of him meeting a "smart-aleck orange" who was so annoying (only for the Leprechaun Boss to tell him to stop because he's heard it all before).

Sometime after "Passionfruit's World Peace (Starring iJustine & Daneboe!)," the Leprechaun Boss gave Liam a "promotion" from an incompetent leprechaun to a unicorn's butt.

In "Lousy Limericks," he was among the audience at the night club. He and Clover constantly heckled Liam with negative criticism, even shouting out, "We don't care!" when Liam introduced himself.