The Adventures of Liam the Leprechaun series began on July 8, 2010. There have been five episodes released so far, commonly on hiatus.

Image Name YouTube Summary Actors Airdate
Liam Preview Blast the Annoying Orange! Leprechaun Gets His Own YouTube Channel! Sick of gettin' squashed by his own Pot O' Gold, Liam The Leprechaun starts his own YouTube Channel! Robert Jennings (Liam) 7/8/10
Grapefruit Leprechaun Vs. Grapefruit! Liam the Leprechaun has to grant Grapefruit 3 wishes in order to get his pot o' gold back! Robert Jennings (Liam, Grapefruit, Date, Terror-Dactyl), Kevin Brueck (Leprechaun Boss) 7/18/10
Rainbow Double Rainbow, Triple Rainbow, MONSTER RAINBOW!!! (Interactive) Help Liam the Leprechaun deal with the Monster Rainbow! Robert Jennings (Liam, Clover), Aaron Massey (Monster Rainbow) 7/29/10
PassionGreen Passionfruit's World Peace Liam meets Passion Fruit. Robert Jennings (Liam), iJustine (Passion Fruit), Dane Boedigheimer (Corn Cob) 10/10/10
Limericks Lousy Limericks Liam tries reading his Limericks in a Leprechaun night club - good thing his Boss and Clover are there to heckle him! Robert Jennings (Liam, Clover, Grapefruit), Kevin Brueck (Leprechaun Boss) 10/23/10
StPatrick St. Patrick's Day Rocks!!! Liam wrote his own St. Patrick's Day song Robert Jennings (Liam, Clover) 3/15/11
Misfortune Teller Misfortune Teller Has Liam met his match with this no-good gypsy witch!? Robert Jennings (Liam, Clover), Lisa Schwartz (Gypsy) 6/19/11

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