Portrayer: Robert Jennings
Personality: jerk
Friends: Leprechaun Boss, Liam the Leprechaun (one-sided)
Enemies: Liam the Leprechaun (one-sided)
First Appearance: Double Rainbow, Triple Rainbow, MONSTER RAINBOW!!! (Interactive) (Destroy the rainbow with magic and sing to the rainbow options)
Quote: "For smelling me clover farts!"

Clover is a recurring character in The Adventures of Liam the Leprechaun. He frequently criticizes Liam's actions and bullies him.


Clover appears if Liam destroys the rainbow with his magic, and begins farting in the leprechaun's face. He also appears if Liam sings to the rainbow to inform him that making a rainbow cry also makes it rain.

Clover was among the audience in Lousy Limericks, heckling Liam along with his boss.

Clover also appeared in St. Patrick's Day Rocks!!!. He first asks Liam what he knows about St. Patrick's Day. After Liam plays his St. Patrick's Day song, Clover says that he liked it, but he still thought that Liam was a dork.

If Clover appears in Misfortune Teller, he will steel the Pot o' Gold.



Double Rainbow, Triple Rainbow, MONSTER RAINBOW!!! (Interactive):


Liam Uses Magic to Destroy The Monster Rainbow!:

  • "Look at Liam, picking on our poor evengus rainbow. What a jerk!"
  • "Oh, okay. Come here, and I will."
  • "Come a little closer."
  • "A little closer."
  • "Thank you....."
  • "(farts)....For smelling me clover farts! (laughing)

Liam Sings To The Monster Rainbow!:

  • "Way to go, you big dumb elf! You made the rainbow cry! You know what happens, when you make rainbows cry, don't ya? It starts raining, again! Way to go, buddy!"

Lousy Limericks:

  • "Tell us some jokes, you weirdo!"
  • "He can read? He-he-he."
  • "'I've got some wind for ya, me clover farts! (farts and laughs)"
  • "That's not even clever!"
  • "I've heard you're also stole his whisling pinwheel."
  • "Let's do it!"

St. Patrick's Day Rocks!!!:

  • "What do you know about St. Patrick's Day? I bet you don't even know any triditional irish folk songs."
  • "Do you know Wild Rover?"
  • "What about Whisky in the Jar?"
  • "I bet you don't even know that any boy."
  • "'And let me guess, you're gonna play it, now!"
  • "That........was.......awesome!!"
  • "But, I still think you're a dork. (laughs)"

Misfortune Teller:

  • "Because, if you don't stand there, I'm gonna take your gold, you moron! (laughs)"