(Smoke appears from behind a black background as the words "He's sick of it!" zoom into view. Dramatic music plays)

Announcer: He's sick of it.

(Liam the Leprechaun appears)

Liam: I'm sick of it!

(The words "He's not gonna take it anymore!" appear)

Announcer: He's not gonna take it anymore!

Liam: I'm not gonna take it anymore!

(The words "So what is he gonna do about it?" appear)

Announcer: So what is he gonna do about it?

Liam: Yeah! What's he gonna do about it?

(The music stops playing)

Liam: Wait a minute, who's he? (The black background disappears revealing a blue sky and green grass) Oh, it's me! Liam the Leprechaun! And I'm sick of that Annoying Orange squashin' me with me own pot o' gold! That's why I'm startin' me own YouTube Channel!

(The background and Liam disappear revealing the black backgound again as the words "Old Friends..." appear)

Announcer: Old Friends!

(A clip from "Annoying Orange: Passion of the Fruit" plays)

Grapefruit: Hey, Orange. I'm talkin' to you, How many squat can you do?

Annoying Orange: What's a squat?

(The words "New Characters..." appear)

Announcer: New characters!

(Images of a robot, a monk, and a purple pteradactyl appear. The words "New adventures begin on Saturday July 17!" appear)

Announcer: And new adventures begin on Saturday, July 17!

(Liam appears)

Liam: I'll give you three wishes if you watch the first episode!

(A green background appears with Liam asking, "Which character from "The Annoying Orange" would you like to see in a "Liam the Leprechaun" episode? Why?" Irish music plays)